Registration of Births

Notice to the General Public

Submission of applications for Birth Certificates/Citizenship Certificates is strictly by prior appointment only.

Appointments for application for passports should be made online via the link

For inquireis on the application for Birth Certificates/Citizenship Certificates please contact us via email :


Applicants are advised to arrive as early as possible due to the lengthy process.

  • Public Opening Hours – Mon – Fri from 9.30am to 1pm.
  • Telephone Inquires – Mon – Fri from 2.30pm to 5.00pm.
  • All original documents must be submitted along with photocopies.
  • Fees – ONLY CASH at the Consular Counters.


Applicant (mother or father of the child, either or both of whom should be a Sri Lankan citizen at the time of child’s birth) is hereby instructed to complete the appropriate application given below in BLOCK CAPITALS and submit to this Mission, along with the documents mentioned below, in order to register the birth of child under Section 5(2) of the Citizenship Act of Sri Lanka.

Application for child less than 03 months of age on the date of application

Application for child aged between 03 – 12 months on the date of application

Application for child aged over 01 year on the date of application

Applicant should sign the application and the declaration in front of a senior officer at the High Commission
Two sets of photocopies of the supporting documents along with the ORIGINALS of following should be submitted as per the following order.  [Photocopies and the originals should be produced separately]
1. Child’s original British/Irish Birth Certificate (with parents’ details)
2. Father’s original Birth Certificate **
3. Mother’s original  Birth Certificate **
4. Parents’ original Marriage Certificate **
5. Passports of Father and Mother at the time of the child’s birth
i.            Data Page (Photo Page)

ii.            Alteration Page

iii.            Visa Page / Biometric Visa Card

6. Current Passports of Father and Mother

i.            Data Page (Photo Page)

ii.            Alteration Page

iii.            Visa Page/Biometric Visa Card

7. The Certificate of Naturalization if father/mother has obtained British Citizenship
**1. English translations are not accepted if original Birth Certificates/Marriage Certificates issued in Sri Lanka

If any of the certificates/documents were issued in a country other than Sri Lanka the original certificate / it’s English translation (if original certificate is not in English) attested by relevant diplomatic  Mission in the UK or Sri Lankan Mission accredited to the country of the original certificate is required to submit along with the original certificate

Following documents are required to be submitted along with the application only if applicable.
a. If the applicant has an Indefinite leave to remain in the UK visa (Permanent Residence visa) which had been granted at least one year before the date of the child’s birth, he/she is required to submit the Non Acquisition of British Citizenship Certificate (Form NQ2)UK Home Office Confirmation letter
b. The original Dual Citizenship Certificate is required if the applicant is a dual national at the time of the child’s birth.
c. If parents were not married at the time of the child’s birth an affidavit relating to Paternity and Declaration of Citizenship, certified by a Solicitor, is required.
Applicant should submit the documents personally and is required to face an interview at the High Commission.
For the consular birth certificate and register of birth under Citizenship Act within one year after child’s birth -£ 53
Surcharge per year for the late registration after one year of the child’s birth-£ 5.00
Postage  – £ 8.00
Payments should be made by cash