Business Visa

Business Visa

Public Opening Hours – Mon – Fri from 9.30am to 1pm.

  • Telephone Inquires – Mon – Fri from 2.30pm to 5.00pm.
  • No prior appointments – First come first served basis.
  • All original documents must be submitted along with photocopies.
  • Fees – can be paid by Debit/Credit card.

You should apply for a Business visa if you are travelling for any of the following purposes:

  • Conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Participation in art, music and dance events
  • Participation in business meetings and negotiations
  • Participation in religious events
  • Participation in symposiums
  • Short term training programmes

If the length of stay in Sri Lanka is less than 30 days, the applicant or a third party on his/her behalf can apply for the visa by submitting an ETA application online via the ETA website

If the length of stay in Sri Lanka is more than 30 days, then the applicant is required to obtain the visa through the High Commission or can apply for an extension when in Sri Lanka.

To obtain Visa through the High Commission, following documents are required to be submitted


  1. Duly completed ETA Business Visa application form
  2. Passport with two unused visa pages (validity should be at least six months from the date you arrive in Sri Lanka)
  3. Copy of Passport (Data page/Photo page)
  4. Two recent photographs -passport size- taken within last 6 months
  5. If you are a non-British or non-EU citizen, you need to show a valid UK visa.
  6. Invitation from host company in Sri Lanka,Confirming the purpose of visit, name, Passport number and the duration of the business visit/meeting/workshop you are going to participate.
  7. Letter from the sending UK Organization/ Company.  The letters should be addressed to the Visa Section of the High Commission by an authorized officer on a Company/Organization letterhead.
  8. Relevant visa fee .If you are sending the application by post, please send a postal order/Banker’s draft to “High Commission of Sri Lanka”.