Issuance of a new Passport in lieu of a current/expired Passport




Issuance of a new Passport in lieu of a current/expired Passport

Ordinary passports are valid for 10 years from the date of issuance unless otherwise endorsed. A new passport should be obtained on the expiry of 10 years from the date of issue, or if there are no pages for visa endorsements.

Holders are responsible to applying for new passports in advance before the expiry of their present passports/ run out of pages for visa endorsements.

The following documents should be submitted to obtain a new passport :

  1. Duly completed form K 35 A
  2. Current /most recent Passport (with copies of data/photo page & observation/alteration pages)
  3. Original Birth Certificate (English translation of the birth certificate shall not be considered as the original) OR probable age certificate of the applicant or a certificate to prove Sri Lankan Citizenship (Please see below for details)
  4. Current visa in the UK/Ireland OR UK/Ireland Passport, if the applicant is a dual citizen
  5. An affidavit* (click here to download the format) certified/attested by the Consular Division of the High Commission to confirm that the applicant has not obtained the British Citizenship at the time of submitting the application for a new passport, if the applicant has been issued Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), Permanent Residence Card (PR) or Settlement one year or before.
  6. Sri Lankan National Identity Card (If available)
  7. Dual Citizenship Certificate and British Passport (If the applicant is a Dual Citizen).
  8. If the applicant was born outside Sri Lanka and over 21 years of age those applicants need to submit an affidavit affirming that they will retain Sri Lanka citizenship (click here to download the format).

Detailed instructions to fill the Passport application (K 35A) and all Consular forms and formats are available for download at the link

Please note that all supporting documents should be submitted in originals with 01 set of photocopies of each, on one side of A4 size paper along with the duly completed Passport application.

*There is an additional fee of GBP 58/= for certifying/attesting the affidavit.

The following documents are accepted as proof of Sri Lankan Citizenship

1. Certificate of Dual Citizenship
2. Certificate of Registration of Birth outside Sri Lanka
3. Certificate of citizenship registration under section 8,11,12,13 of Citizenship Act of Sri Lanka
4. Certificate of Granting of Citizenship to Indian Origin persons
5. Certificate of Granting of Citizenship to Chinese Origin persons

Note : On special circumstances where birth certificate is not available, a blank result sheet with regard to the search of the birth certificate/ the original and a photocopy of the birth certificate of a child of the applicant could be submitted.

The following additional documents are required for specific requirements:

For the inclusion of the profession/occupation/job in the passport

Appropriate academic/professional certificates are required for skilled professionals and a letter from the employer stating the designation is required for other professions. If the profession is already included in the previous travel document, no supporting documents are required.

For the inclusion of husband’s surname

Original Marriage Certificate, (Translations are not accepted) if a married female applicant wishes to have husband’s surname included/changed from maiden name in the Passport.

Minor applicants below 16 years of age who apply for the first time or for renewal

Following documents are required to be submitted (Originals with 01 set of photocopies from each on one side of A4 size paper) along with the duly completed Form K 35 A application.

Original Consular Birth Certificate/Original Birth Certificate.
If born outside Sri Lanka, Citizenship Certificate or Payment Receipt for Citizenship (if applying for the first time).
Consent of both parents (click here to download the format)
Current passports of the parents (with copies of the data page, observation/alteration pages and child inclusion pages).
Current visa in the UK.
Parents’ Marriage Certificate (If they are married).
Other appropriate documents (such as decision of the court if parents are divorced, death certificate if one or both parents are deceased, documentary evidence with regard to the legal guardianship/custody of the minor).
Note : the child and both parents should be present to hand over the application

Passport applications for Buddhist Priests

The Samanera certificate or Higher Ordination certificate