Amending passports

Notice to the General Public

Submission of applications for passports at the Consular Section of the High Commission is strictly by prior appointment.

Appointments for application for passports should be made online via the link

For inquireis on the issuance/renewal of Passports please call 02072621841 -Ext. No. 0229 between 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm only.

Application For Amending (Alteration / Extension) a Sri Lankan Travel Document (Passport)

  • Public Opening Hours – Mon – Fri from 9.30am to 1pm.
  • Telephone Inquires – Mon – Fri from 2.30pm to 5.00pm.
  • All original documents must be submitted along with photocopies.
  • Fees – ONLY CASH at the Consular Counters.

All applicants who hold Indefinite Leave to Remain /Limited Leave to Remain/ Discretionary Grant of leave to remain/ Indefinite Leave to enter or remain/ Permanent Residence or Settlement Visas and who wish to apply for a New Passport in lieu of a current/expired passport, lost/damaged passport or renewal of validity of a Passport should submit one of the following documents along with the duly completed application form and other relevant supporting documents.

1. Home Office letter which informed you the reason for granting Indefinite Leave to remain/ Limited Leave to Remain/ Discretionary Grant of leave to remain/ Indefinite Leave to enter or remain/ Permanent Residence or Settlement Visas in UK.

2. If you have lost or misplaced the said letter, a confirmation from the Home Office stating your visa status and the reason for granting the Visa.


If the Indefinite Visa is issued over one year ago, you are required to submit a letter (Form NQ 1&2) from the UK Boarder Agency, confirming that you have not acquired Citizenship in the UK.

The above information is also applicable to Sri Lankan citizens who have applied and gained refuge or asylum status in the UK and are NOT entitled to a Sri Lankan Passport or to renew validity of an existing passport in accordance with new Sri Lankan Immigration Rules. However, they are eligible to apply for temporary travel documents for the sole purpose of returning to Sri Lanka. Please note that if you fail to submit one of the documents mentioned herein your application will not be accepted.

If your Passport application is rejected by the concerned authority in Sri Lanka, the fees paid by you will not be refunded.

Your kind co-operation in this regard is highly appreciated.
Sri Lanka High Commission, London

Application forms can be obtained 

• From the Consular Division, of this mission between 9.30 a.m. & 1.00 p.m.
• By sending a self addressed, stamped envelope (9′ x 6′) with a request letter
• Download Application form or view all related forms and documents required


Passports valid for 5 years from the date of issue can be renewed for a further period of 5 years. Total period of validity cannot exceed 10 years from the date of issue. Application for renewal of passports can be made either before or after the expiry of a passport.


(i) Duly completed FORM O (IM 37) with the return postal address and contact phone number (Mobile and Residence)

(ii) Your current passport

(iii) Proof of present visa status in the UK or Ireland (if not already stamped on the passport)

(iv) If you have ‘indefinite leave to remain in the UK’

(a) Which has been issued more than one year ago &

(b) You have being living in the UK for more than three years;

you are required to submit a letter from the Immigration & Nationality Department in UK, to confirm that you have not acquired or have not applied for UK Citizenship. Forms to be used for this purpose can be downloaded from Home Office web site ( This form should be completed and posted by you to the Immigration & Nationality Department in UK with their fee. This confirmation should be submitted along with your application for a new passport. The letter should have been obtained not later than six months from the date of submitting this application.

(v) If the applicant is a Dual Citizen and if there is no endorsement in the passport to that effect, then the original Dual Citizenship Certificate should be provided with a photocopy in place of the letter from the Home Office.

PAYMENT – £5/- per year.



Current passport and the following documents where relevant

  • Alteration of name consequent to Marriage

Form “O”, (IM 37)
o Original marriage certificate (with 1 photocopy)
o Husband’s passport with a photocopy

  • Change of Profession

Form “O”, (IM 37)
o Academic /professional certificate(s) with one photocopy each
o A letter from the employer confirming the profession
• Inclusion of name and photographs of children in the parents passports

Inclusion of children born in the UK or Ireland can be done only after the registration of birth of such children with this High Commission. In this regard please refer the section “REGISTRATION OF BIRTH OUTSIDE SRI LANKA”.

The inclusion of names and photographs of children can be done only into a ‘M’ series passport of a parent / legal guardian (passport number beginning with the letter ‘M’) Particulars of children cannot be included in the ‘N’ Series passports and therefore a separate passport should be obtained for the child. In this regard please refer the section “REGISTRATION OF BIRTH OUTSIDE SRI LANKA”.


Normal Service  – £ 15/- ( Within 14 working days  )

Same day Service – Additional – £ 15/-


1. New photograph or signature of the holder can not be endorsed on the passport. If the applicant wishes to change the photograph and/or signature, then a new passport should be obtained.
2. Payment should be made in cash at the counter or by Postal Orders/Bank Drafts written in favour of the “Sri Lanka High Commission” if sent by post. Personal cheques and credit cards are not accepted. Fees sent from Ireland should be by Bank Draft.
3. All original certificates will be returned after perusal.
4. If the passports and documents are to be returned by post, you should provide a self-addressed prepaid special delivery envelope to the weight of 500g along with your application form. The special delivery cover should not be stamped with a postage printout issued by the post office for same day post. Applications sent without prepaid special delivery cover/ or postage will be retained until the applicant collects it personally.

Note: The High Commission will not take any responsibility for documents lost in the post. 5. If the applicant is unable to come personally to this High Commission to collect the Passport/ documents, he/she may authorise another person, in writing. The person who comes for collection of documents should produce his identity and the original receipt issued by this High Commission.


UK Home Office Confirmation letter