Webinar on “Ceylon Artisanal Teas”

In celebration of the International Tea Day – 21st May 2021, the Sri Lanka Tea Board (SLTB) and Colombo Tea Traders Association (CTTA) have organized a webinar to introduce Sri Lanka’s artisanal teas to a wider audience of tea connoisseurs around the world.

The webinar will include a short video on the Ceylon Artisanal Tea Association (CATA) and live visits to several member estates, as well as a panel discussion on the growing global demand for artisanal tea featuring Sri Lankan leading tea exporters and major global tea buyers and writers etc.

Feel free to join – 21 May 2021, 1PM UK time @ https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89535798612


International Tea Day is a United Nations observance celebrated annually on May 21 to express the economical, biological and physical benefits of tea. It was inaugurated by the General Assembly and essentially replaced the unofficial observance of the same name, which used to be celebrated on December 15 in tea producing countries. The observance of International Tea Day is promoted and facilitated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in collaboration with other relevant organizations and stakeholders.

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State Ministry of Regional Cooperation launches Creative Economy Programme

The State Ministry of Regional Cooperation has launched a “Creative Economy Programme” with the view towards contributing to the country’s economy and promoting Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage. The ‘creative economy’ is a rapidly expanding segment of the global economy and has made a crucial contribution towards generating employment, income and exports. Based on creativity, it encompasses all artistic, innovative and cultural products and services. It is also conducive to sustainable development.

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Sri Lanka concerned over escalating violence between Palestine and Israel

Sri Lanka remains deeply concerned over escalating violence between Palestine and Israel.

The Foreign Minister has already conveyed to the Ambassador of Palestine to Sri Lanka three days ago Sri Lanka’s deep concern over the situation and the interest to protect the rights and the lives of the people of Palestine.

Sri Lanka urges all parties to cease conflict and restore peace and to take steps to avoid any risk of a threat of instability to the wider region likely to arise from ongoing developments.

Foreign Ministry


17 May 2021

Notice- Review of the approval and quarantine procedure to enter Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans returning to home country and ex-Sri Lankans traveling for family visits etc

The following categories of persons will be permitted to enter Sri Lanka without prior approval of the Foreign Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority:

  1. Sri Lankans (including Sri Lankan seafarers arriving by air)
  2. Dual Citizens who travel on Sri Lankan Passports
  3. Foreign spouses of Sri Lankans
  4. Unmarried children of Sri Lankans, who hold foreign nationality

Ex-Sri Lankans holding foreign passports (who do not hold Dual Citizenship) as well as Dual citizens travelling on foreign pasports travelling to Sri Lanka for family visits/family emergencies etc should continue to obtain prior approval of the Foreign Ministry. Such persons should obtain Foreign Ministry/Civil Aviation Authority approval by sending a request to the Covid Team at the Foreign Ministry in Colombo to email address entry.permission@mfa.gov.lk with copy to kanchana.bandara@mfa.gov.lk giving the following details:

  1. Name of the passenger
  2. Nationality and the passport number
  3. The country of departure
  4. Intended date of entry into Sri Lanka and the flight number, if available
  5. Purpose of the visit

They should have prior visas to enter Sri Lanka as On-Arrival visas are not issued at present. As visas for Sri Lanka are issued only by the Department of Immigration and Emigration at present, any person of this category who need a visa for Sri Lanka should arrange a representative to visit the Visa Division of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka at Battaramulla with the relevant documents (copy of the passport of the traveller and the approval received by email from the Foreign Ministry for traveling to Sri Lanka) to obtain a visa/Landing Endorsement by paying the relevant fee.

Ex-Sri Lankans and foreign nationals visiting Sri Lanka for tourism

Ex-Sri Lankans holding foreign passports and foreign nationals who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for the purpose of tourism should follow the Tourist Travel Bio Bubble procedure of the Sri Lanka Toursim Promotion Bureau. The procedure, including how to obtain the approval for travelling and visa procedure is available on the website at the link https://www.srilanka.travel/helloagain.

Last updated on 07 June 2021

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