State Minister Tharaka Balasuriya participates in tourism promotion campaign in Moscow

State Minister of Regional Co-operation Tharaka Balasuriya undertook an official visit to Russia from 5– 8 September 2021, to participate at the opening of the Sri Lanka pavilion at the “OTDYKH Leisure Fair” and a Sri Lanka tourism promotion campaign in Moscow. Sri Lanka’s participation at these events were organized by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau targeting the winter season tourists from Russia.

During the visit, the State Minister participated at the opening of the Sri Lanka pavilion at the Leisure Fair, which is the largest travel fair in the country. This year, despite the pandemic situation, the Fair attracted over 6,000 visitors, indicating the strong interest of Russian tourists to travel abroad.

Addressing the media and travel representatives during the tourism promotion event, the State Minister highlighted that beyond the traditional tourist sites, Sri Lanka now offered new experiences and sites for the discerning Russian tourist, from idyllic beaches ideal for surfing to scenic villages in the central mountains. State Minister Balasuriya also highlighted the health measures adopted by the country to ensure the safety of visitors from abroad.

State Minister Balasuriya also held discussions with prominent social media influencers in order to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination, as they have a strong impact on young travelers across the world.  He also encouraged Russian investments in the tourism sector in Sri Lanka.

State Ministry of Regional Cooperation

15 September 2021