High Commissioner Rohitha Bogollagama Hosts Thai Pongal Celebrations

His Excellency High Commissioner Rohitha Bogollagama and Madam Deepthi Bogollagama hosted a vibrant Thai Pongal ceremony at the Sri Lanka Residence on 15 January 2024. The event brought together members of the Sri Lankan community from across the United Kingdom, marking the auspicious occasion with traditional rituals and cultural festivities.

Thai Pongal, a harvest festival celebrated by the Tamil community across the world, holds significant cultural and religious importance. Rooted in the agrarian heritage and history of the Tamil people, the festival not only symbolizes gratitude for the harvest but also signifies the renewal of life and the spirit of community.


The festivities at the Sri Lanka Residence encompassed the ceremonial boiling of the Pongal dish, symbolizing abundance and prosperity, along with prayers, blessings, and the singing of Bhajan devotional songs. The Residence was adorned with vibrant decorations and intricate kolam designs, vividly capturing the cultural richness and festive ambiance of Thai Pongal.

In his address, HE the High Commissioner expressed the historical and cultural importance of Thai Pongal, underscoring its role as a day of celebration, commemoration, love, care, and goodwill. He extended his gratitude to the attendees, emphasizing that the event should not be a mere annual celebration but rather an enduring tradition perpetuated among Sri Lankans, both at home and abroad.

“As we celebrate an event that surpasses all other requirements in one’s life, seeking greater good and prosperity, I aim to continue my efforts in the mission that I am assigned to, ensuring continuity and connectivity across all communities of the Sri Lankan nation,” added the High Commissioner.

Mr. C. Sithamparapillai, prominent solicitor in the United Kingdom, representing the Sri Lankan Tamil community at the event, congratulated the High Commissioner for prioritizing constructive initiatives aimed at fostering religious unity among the Sri Lankan community in the UK.

The Thai Pongal celebrations at the Sri Lanka Residence not only showcased the richness of Sri Lankan Tamil traditions but also served as a powerful platform to strengthen the bonds within the Sri Lankan community.


High Commission of Sri Lanka

15 January 2024