Minister of Foreign Affairs Addresses the Cambridge Union on Sri Lanka’s Path to Economic Recovery

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry is currently on a significant two-day visit to the prestigious University of Cambridge on January 23-24. On January 23, he addressed the Cambridge Union, and engaged with the academic community in a discussion that touched upon the Sri Lanka’s road to economic recovery. This address was followed by an interview with the Union’s President, Nick Davis, and then an insightful Q and A session with the audience.

Founded in 1815, the Cambridge Union stands as the largest student-led organization at the University of Cambridge and proudly holds the title of the world’s oldest debating society. Renowned for its rich history and tradition, the Union serves as a dynamic hub for intellectual discourse and debate, attracting influential speakers, policymakers, and thought leaders from around the globe. Dignitaries such as Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking are among those who have addressed the Cambridge Union. Minister Ali Sabry is the only Sri Lankan to have been invited to address the Union in recent history.

The Minister stated, “Sri Lankans have shown tremendous resilience in weathering one of the most difficult periods. If we resist divisions amongst ourselves and bring unity amongst our diversity, and continue to pursue those difficult yet prudent economic policy reforms, and maintain consistent policies across the government, we can learn lessons from our past. Sri Lanka is within touching distance of achieving its true potential’’.

The Hon. Minister Ali Sabry’s visit to the University of Cambridge marks a significant milestone in diplomatic and academic relations between Sri Lanka and one of the world’s leading educational institutions. It reflects the commitment of both parties to fostering dialogue, understanding, and collaboration in addressing the complex challenges facing nations in the 21st century.

Continuing his engagement, the Foreign Minister is scheduled to address The Wilberforce Society, the Lucy Cavendish Finance Society, and the Sri Lanka Society of the university on January 24.


Sri Lanka High Commission

23 January 2024