High Commissioner Rohitha Bogollagama Presents Credentials as Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the IMO

High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the UK, Rohitha Bogollagama presented his credentials to Arsenio Dominguez, the Secretary-General of the IMO, as Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at the IMO Headquarters in London on 14th March 2024.

During the meeting, the High Commissioner highlighted his extensive background as a maritime lawyer and his previous role as Director of Mersk, demonstrating his deep engagement with the maritime industry. The two dignitaries engaged in discussions concerning the current political situation in the Red Sea, where Sri Lanka recently deployed a naval vessel to assist in safeguarding commercial shipping routes.

Emphasizing Sri Lanka’s rich naval and maritime heritage, High Commissioner Bogollagama spoke about Trincomalee, one of the largest and oldest natural harbours in the world. He recounted its pivotal role during World War II, where it served as a crucial point for Allied fleets combating the Japanese invasion of Asia, noting the former Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip’s service in Trincomalee as a naval officer.

Furthermore, the High Commissioner underscored Sri Lanka’s commitment to protecting the marine environment, given its adjacency to the world’s second busiest maritime highway. He expressed Sri Lanka’s willingness to establish a world-class research university on maritime affairs, aiming for research collaboration on marine environmental protection.

Secretary-General Dominguez welcomed this initiative, affirming the International Maritime Organization’s support for the proposed university. He expressed optimism about future collaborations to enhance maritime sustainability and protect marine ecosystems.

High Commissioner Rohitha Bogollagama’s representation at the International Maritime Organization signifies Sri Lanka’s dedication to advancing maritime interests on the global stage, fostering cooperation for a safer and more sustainable maritime environment.


Sri Lanka High Commission

15 March 2024