‘Bring a Friend Home’

Bring a Friend Home’ is initiated by Cinnamon’s Hotels and Resorts to encourage Sri Lankan origins living in Sri Lanka and expats living in Sri Lanka with resident visa (known as Participants) to invite their friends/relations living overseas to visit Sri Lanka.

This is a promotional campaign initiated with the overarching objective of reviving tourism in Sri Lanka and spreading the message that Sri Lanka is safe to visit.

This competition is valid from 1st August 2019 to 10th December 2019. To qualify, the participant’s friend living abroad should purchase at least one of 6 holiday packages from ‘Bring a Friend Home’ website at https://www.bringafriendhome.com/packages offered by Cinnamon’s Hotels and Resorts before 10th December 2019 and visit Sri Lanka within the stipulated time frame.

There are raffle draws with attractive prizes for both parties, i.e; the participant and the friend.

For more information, please visit ‘Bring a Friend Home’ website at https://www.bringafriendhome.com/home or contact Cinnamon Hotel Management Limited at https://cinnamonhotels.freshdesk.com/support/home.


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